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Listen to an Amazing Mixtape That Mashes Up Classic Emo and Modern Pop

The heyday of the mega-mashup might be a few years behind us, but every once in a while some great combination of tracks and genres comes along to remind us why we loved to listen to Girl Talk and his ilk in the first place. If You’re Listening It’s Never Too Late, the debut mixtape from the Los Angeles songwriting and DJing crew Captain Cuts (a.k.a. Ben Berger, Ryan McMahon, and Ryan Rabin), is a sublime combination of classic Emo and early ’00s pop-punk, and the biggest hits of today. Panic! at the Disco, Blink-182, Drake, and Future really should not go together as well as they all do here. Stream the half-hour tape below, or download it for free here. (h/t Rolling Stone)