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Courtney Barnett Doesn’t Know Who Meghan Trainor Is

Courtney Barnett
XXX pose at the 29th Annual ARIA Nominations Event on October 7, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.

Normally the Grammys don’t notice a talent as new and indie-nurtured as Courtney Barnett, at least not as quickly as everyone else does, but the Australian singer who happens to be SPIN‘s Songwriter of the Year indeed garnered a Best New Artist nomination for 2016. Hilariously and charmingly as usual though, she told Billboard she’s never heard of her fellow nominees which include the ubiquitously annoying Meghan Trainor. When asked if she was going to check them out, the singer declined.

“I probably won’t,” Barnett told the reporter. “I listen to music when my friends recommend it to me, I don’t often just go out and buy a record because it was in a magazine or it was on a list or something. So, yeah, I probably won’t. I feel like there’s so much music in the world that I haven’t listened to yet that I want to listen to.”

Even more awesomely, she added, “I don’t even know what new artist means.”