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Florist Make More Indie-Pop Naturalism on ‘The Birds Outside Sang’

Though Florist released an EP of beautifully nostalgic and optimistic indie-pop miniatures in October, the main project of their past year and change has been in the construction of a full-length called The Birds Outside Sang. It started with trauma, a horrible bike accident in February of 2014 that left primary songwriter Emily Sprague with a limited range of motion, able only to sing and play keyboard with a single hand. With time, Sprague healed and the rest of the quartet (Rick Spataro, Jonnie Baker, and Felix Walworth) started contributing to the recordings, giving the resulting record a feeling of rising from the ashes — starting from frigid minimalism and blooming like the first flowers after a cold winter.

That album will finally surface in full on January 29 on Double Double Whammy and today they’re sharing the record’s title track, which is demonstrative of the sunny-eyed naturalism that Florist is able to conjure even out of low points. The four-minute song starts with just Sprague and a lonely synth line, but eventually builds in clattering drums and lyrics about watching “fireworks shoot up into the air.” The mood’s celebratory, in spite of the agony that sparked the whole process. Out of darkness, there’s always light. Listen to “The Birds Outside Sang” here.

The Birds Outside Sang track list:
1. “Dark Light”
2. “I Was”
3. “Rings Grow”
4. “A Hospital + Crucifix Made Of Plastic”
5. “Thank You”
6. “The Birds Outside Sang”
7. “White Light Doorway”
8. “Cold Lake Quiet Dreams”
9. “1914”
10.”Dust Inside The Light”
11. “Only A Prayer Nothing More”