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Stream ‘Yeezer,’ an Amazingly Titled Kanye West and Weezer Mashup Album

Sometimes, all you need is a really, really good portmanteau, and the rest follows. That’s the case with Yeezer, a new album-length mashup of Kanye West and Weezer. Alex Hodowanec at Ohio State University came up with the genius idea to combine ‘Ye and ‘We, and the result is… kind of good? Hodowanec even manages to make “Beverly Hills,” one of Weezer’s more regrettable songs, enjoyable when it’s spliced up with “Through the Wire.” He did, however, tell that he thinks “Beverly Hills” is Weezer’s most iconic song, so, as Idolator notes, maybe his taste is just a little subject. Still, the whole 10-track effort is worth a listen, if only for novelty’s sake. Hear it below.