Sega Bodega Slows Down and Turns Up on ‘Elis’


The three-year-old brainchild of Ninja Tune producer Slugabed, British label Activia Benz might look something like a jellyfish if its roster were anthropomorphized. Its aesthetic is eclectic but instantly recognizable, undulating as if suspended in an ether of moombahton-indebted trap signifiers, free-floating jazz lounge pianos, and winking troll-y nods to Top 40 rap and R&B. Ryan Hemsworth-endorsed, Glasgow-born beat collagist Sega Bodega belongs to this ethereally motley crew, remixing both pop deconstructionists like PC Music’s Danny L Harle and reluctant pop maven Lana Del Rey with equal dexterousness.

Sega Bodega, a.k.a. Salvadore Navarrete, will release his new EP for Activia Benz, Sportswear, on October 9. Find the full track list below and listen to “Elis,” a creeping, narcoleptic exercise in drawn-out snare hit fallout and sheets of synthesizer rain. Equally soothing and stimulating, it’s four minutes of rattling, hollow echoes of vocal snippets, like some kind of opioid-laced lullaby. Pre-order the EP over at the iTunes Music Store and check out the made-to-order tracksuit to coincide with the release below.

Sportswear EP track list:
1. “Sun Loop”
2. “Land of Ooo”
3. “Spook”
4. “Elis”
5. “Broken Ribs”

Sega Bodega Slows Down and Turns Up on 'Elis'


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