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Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard Releases Surprise Album Under the Name Thunderbitch

Brittany Howard, the bold-voiced frontwoman of the Alabama Shakes, has surprise released a new album under a fittingly confident pseudonym — Thunderbitch. The 10-track, self-titled LP is streaming in full on Thunderbitch’s website, which also has a trailer and a page listing their tour dates. (There are no upcoming tour dates, just the words “maybe someday…?”)

Thunderbitch (née Howard) is joined by members of the bands Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks, though the website gives them all new names too. In addition to the head-thunderbitch-in-charge, there’s Matt Man, B Bone, Char Man, A Man, and ThunderMitch. The group’s short bio reads only “Thunderbitch. Rock’n’roll. The end.”

Read the track list and watch the trailer below, stream the album here.

Thunderbitch track list:
.1 “Leather Jacket”
.2 “I Don’t Care”
.3 “I Just Wanna Rock’n’Roll”
.4 “Eastside Party”
.5 “Closer”
.6 “Wild Child”
.7 “Very Best Friend”
.8 “My Baby Is My Guitar”
.9 “Let Me Do What I Do Best”
.10 “Heavenly Feeling”