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Shunkan Stir Up an Indie-Pop Maelstrom on ‘The Pink Noise’

Los Angeles-born and New Zealand-based songwriter Marina Sakimoto has released a few melancholic singles and homerecordings under the moniker Shunkan, but for her debut LP she decided to make something a little bigger. Case in point is lead single and title track “The Pink Noise,” which uses a full band crunch to elevate Sakimoto’s gentle yearnings to fuzzed-out extremes. Take a Tiger Trap single and dip it in molten steel, or take a Japandroids riff and squeeze it into a twee song and you’ve started to approximate what Shunkan is doing here. But Sakimoto’s voice is a uniquely fluttering, seasick thing that neither comparison really does justice to, so you’re just going to have to listen here.

The Pink Noise will be released November 20 on Art Is Hard Records.