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Joanna Newsom Announces New Album, ‘Divers’


Fun fact: Sapokanikan was an American Indian trading settlement where Manhattan’s Greenwich Village is currently located. Extra fun fact: That word is also the title of Joanna Newsom’s new single off her forthcoming album, Divers, due October 23 via Drag City. The video features the singer cavorting around the titular location, wandering in and out of hot dog staple Gray’s Papaya and sitting on various park benches. Watch it here and find Divers‘ track list below.

Divers track list:
1. “Anecdotes”
2. “Sapokanikan”
3. “Leaving the City”
4. “Goose Eggs”
5. “Waltz of the 101st Lightborne”
6. “The Things I Say”
7. “Divers”
8. “Same Old Man”
9. “You Will Not Take My Heart Alive”
10. “A Pin-Light Bent”
11. “Time, As a Symptom”