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GWAR’s Michael Bishop Gave a Bonkers TED Talk

GWAR bassist Michael Bishop delivered a TEDx Talk a few days back, which began with a guy getting whacked in the face with stone tablet and getting the skin ripped off of his face. (You read that correctly.)

As reported by the PRP, after the mayhem subsided, the new lead singer of GWAR — aka “Blothar,” aka “Beefcake the Mighty” — introduced himself to the audience by saying, “Hello, my name is Michael Bishop, I am a musician… I am the human slave of the berserker Blothar, who is the new lead singer of GWAR.”

Bishop went on to discuss his band’s history, which involved aliens crashing into Antarctica and getting trapped in ice, then thawed out by a hole in the ozone, which, of course, got created via Ratt and Poison’s hairspray. “But really, GWAR is from Richmond, Virginia,” Bishop clarified. “And what I’ve found is that being from [Richmond] is almost as strange as being from Antarctica.”

Finally, Bishop explained how GWAR actually reflects “the culture, history and geography” of Richmond. Better watch the video below — before this post gets any stranger.