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Cold Showers Conjure Frigid Thunderclouds on ‘Matter of Choice’ LP

California quartet Cold Showers have made their name over the last few years by casting a shade over the already gloomy world of post-punk, and their sophomore LP Matter of Choice seems to dive only deeper into those darkened realms. Even the neon-lit synth lines that run through the records more buoyant moments, like “Plantlife,” aren’t enough to penetrate the dusky overtures that they’re making elsewhere. Still, there’s a life and a heart to these songs, a great strain that’s evoked in spite of the lonely atmosphere. If they owe allegiance to their glittery forebears on Factory Records, its only to that label’s most gloriously austere moments.

Matter of Choice is out in full on Dais Records on August 28, but it’s streaming here in full, right now.