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Did Taylor Swift Kill the Lights at Friday’s Dodgers-Nationals Game?

Taylor Swift

Friday night’s post-All-Star-break showdown between the Dodgers and Nationals was subject to a bizarre series of delays, due to a “malfunction” with the team’s lights that ultimately resulted in the game being postponed altogether. To have to call a game on account of bad lighting is a pretty unusual thing in baseball, so naturally, those involved in the game were looking for a scapegoat to blame. And as pointed out by Rolling Stone, they appear to have found it: pop titan Taylor Swift.

After all, Swift —as various players on the Dodgers and Nationals noted — was the last performer to use Washington’s home stadium, bring her high-wattage 1989 show to D.C. for a two-night engagement at Nationals Park, while baseball’s elite were busying themselves in Cincinnati with All-Star festivities. Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson, himself a participant in the Midsummer Classic, leveled the first accusation:

Then Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer got in on the blame game:

Ouch. Taylor herself has yet to respond to these definitely 100% serious allegations — although evidence suggests that her own Nationals Park appearances were already beset with plenty of tech glitches of their own, and indeed, the Nats themselves have blamed a misfiring circuit breaker for the mishap. But let’s hope for their sake that Scherzer, Pederson, and any other finger-pointing teammates make nice with Swift in due time, or the next rhyme she writes might be about them.