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The Chief Keef Hologram Concert Has Been Postponed

Chief Keef

On Friday night, a benefit concert was supposed to take place at the Redmoon Theater in Chicago, with proceeds going to the family of the slain one-year-old Dillan Harris, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident earlier this month. Rapper Chief Keef — who was an associate of Capo, the MC whose recent murder the car that killed Harris was allegedly attempting to flee the scene of — was scheduled to perform at the concert, via hologram, due to his legal situation currently preventing him from returning to his hometown in person.

However, the concert did not occur as scheduled. The Chicago Tribune reports that the benefit was postponed after Rev. Michael Pfleger, a pastor at a local church, raised objection to the event. “The meddling, attention seeking Father Pfleger, who bullied the owner of the downtown theater to back out of his contract, will not succeed,” event organizer Akil David told the Tribune via email. “He is exploiting this tragedy and taking money away from the victims and solid charities who are doing good work in Chicago.”

Pfegler denied such involvement to the Tribune, claiming David’s comments were “ridiculous… I had no contact with the venue.” However, he did post about his opposition to the event on Facebook earlier that week, writing “Instead of having a concert … why doesn’t he man up and acknowledge it’s time to stop this violence and apologize for his part in it!!!! We don’t need a concert … we need PEACE.” There is no word yet on where or when the concert will be rescheduled.

(via Pitchfork)