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Philip Selway Says Radiohead’s Recording Process Will ‘Become Full Schedule’ in September

Following a series of sporadic updates from Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead drummer Philip Selway discussed the highly anticipated follow-up to his band’s 2011 record, King of Limbs, on a two-part podcast recorded for the Talkhouse. As is to be expected in a group as busy and well-known as theirs, Selway described the band’s current recording process as a project that comes “in fits and starts, but come September it just becomes quite a full schedule.”

Selway, who was in conversation with Ghostpoet (aka Obaro Ejimiwe), also touched upon Radiohead’s always-changing creative process. “For so long we kind of played exclusively with each other and that takes you so far, so I suppose from album to album you try to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.”

He continued, calling Radiohead’s attention span “short,” and said, “We kind of change record to record, try and change the underlying approach to making music.” Listen to Selway’s fill conversation here.