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Philadelphia Collins Rock Out Like Animals on ‘Dogsbody’

Philadelphia Collins is a side project for all involved, but while their music is loose, it never feels tossed off. The post-punk duo, which comprises Speedy Ortiz’s Devin McKnight and OVLOV’s Theo Hartlett, have just shared “Dogsbody,” the second single from their debut EP Derp Swervin’. It’s a thundering odd-meter cut driven by blistering guitar lines, and it features some biting vocals from Two Inch Astronaut singer (and McKnight neighbor) Sam Rosenberg. “I think I asked like four singers to do vocals and in a pinch, when no one got back to me, I knew I could rely on my trusty pal Sam Rosenberg to spit the hotness over the track,” says McKnight. “And that he did.”

Stream “Dogsbody” right here. Derp Swervin’ is out July 24 on Exploding In Sound Records and is currently available for pre-order.