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Psymon Spine Reveal a Rainbow of Genres on Self-Titled EP

Their name might conjure up images of high-school biology class, but Saratoga Springs electro-meets-experimental-pop collective Psymon Spine sound more like a Friday-night dance — one where that’s lacking any wallflowers. Dropping their self-titled debut EP on May 19 via Axis Mundi Records, the sextet’s vibe is a hodgepodge of sonic styles: opener “Experience Machine” is a jubilant, guitar-driven romp with lush harmonies and an aggressively good-times agenda.

“Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels,” meanwhile, blends strobing digital effects with sweet, acoustic folk-pop and an echoing, Books-ish sample, and “Gears” quietly slips in with gentle, dissonant string-work. None of these textures ought to fit together, but Psymon Spine have a knack for fitting square pegs in round holes. Listen below.