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Get Lost in Michael Rault’s Pop-Infused Psychedelia on ‘Living Daylight’

Michael Rault
Michael Rault

Canadian pop/rock auteur Michael Rault proves himself a standout singer/songwriter on new album Living Daylight, out May 5. The multi-instrumentalist grooves his way through a ten-track psychedelic journey, with classic, sugary-sweet pop love songs mixed with the lo-fi distortion of garage rock. First track “All Alone (On My Own)” showcases Rault’s vocal harmonies, submerging them in fuzzed out guitar, while the, um, cleverly titled “Suckcess” blares with pounding drums and nostalgic harmonizing, reminiscent of too-cool ’60s rock.

Rault maintains his captivating mix of pop, fuzz-rock, and neo-psychedelia until the last groovy guitar riff. “When I started making this record I had just begun a process of experimenting with different production techniques, opening myself up to different genres and styles — from ’70s to modern, all of which were foreign to my previously ’60s-centric musical focus,” Rault says of the LP. “I guess it stands as a captured moment of a time when I first started out on a new path, and it will be interesting (at least to me) to look back to it in years to come to see how ideas that I had on this album continue to grow and change on the subsequent albums that will be born out of this new direction that I started with Living Daylight.”

Stream Living Daylight below, out May 5 on Burger Records.