Juan Wauters Tries to Teach Mexico City Musicians His Song in ‘Asi No Mas’ Video

The Uruguay-born, New York-based Juan Wauters headed to Mexico City for his “Asi No Mas” video, where he attempted to teach some local musicians one of his garage-folk songs. During the short, the Beets founder gathers his students and shows off a few of the city’s sights. Though Wauters’ song is beautiful, he explained that his local musicians weren’t necessarily a supergroup.

“The outcome of this reunion did not come to a successful musical conclusion,” Wauters explained in a press release, “but two universes coexisted and it was well enjoyed. A big shout out to Victorino Sánchez, Francisco Barrada and Gabriel Aguilar for their time and music, and another one to all the people from such beautiful country where honesty, hard work, peace and stars like Chespirito and Cantinflas live together.” Watch the video for “Asi No Mas” — off of his upcoming album Who Me? — above and look for the LP on May 12 via Captured Tracks.


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