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Tom DeLonge To Release New Music Following Split From Blink-182

Tom DeLonge Release New Music Blink 182 Split Breakup March 1

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, the original lineup of Blink-182 has done a fair bit of squabbling in the press over the current state of the band. Now that the dust has settled, it would seem that Tom DeLonge is definitively out of the band, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him from releasing new music. According to a Facebook post on Friday, via EW, the guitarist is now planning to put out new solo recordings on March 1.

“I have a lot of music I was working hard on,” he wrote in the post. “Things happen, so I guess we have a change of plans… Either way, I think you guys should hear it.”

The “things” and the “change of plans” he’s referring to undoubtedly refer to his unplanned departure from the band, but he nevertheless seems to be heading full steam ahead on this new material, which is already less than a month away from its release date. In the meantime, if you head over to DeLonge’s Instagram page you can check out a couple of snippets of new material, under the hashtag “songs without a home.”