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Elliot and the Ghost Go Full DIY for Intrepid ‘Bad Enough’ Video

The Brooklyn foursome enlist their friends to help them craft the new clip

After New York’s Elliot & the Ghost released their 2014 EP, Is This Love, the surf-pop-by-way-of-Bushwick quartet found themselves hungry to release new material. Last month, they dropped “Bad Enough,” an immensely catchy track that now has an equally as entrancing DIY music video. 

“The music video was made with zero budget, and only was able to come together with the help of our friends who are both in the video and behind the scenes operating the cameras and lights,” William Thompson, the band’s singer, told SPIN. “Some footage was filmed underneath our neighborhood bar in an old school Bushwick Hip Hop Studio where a lot of the neighborhood’s music has been recorded. There are Ja Rule platinum records barely hanging, slanted on the walls. We stuffed all our friends in there, and wanted to create a night on video that would not be unlike most nights out for us and our friends. We layered that footage in with additional shots and added animation to make it more multi-dimensional.”

Watch Elliot & the Ghost’s “Bad Enough” video above and look for more new music from the band later this year.