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DMX Announces Plans to Release Surprise Album, ‘Redemption of the Beast’


Surprise releases are all the rage, it seems. Now Yonkers rapper and occasional equestrian DMX has announced plans to quickly drop a new album next week titled Redemption of the Beast. The independent follow-up to 2012’s Undisputed will feature 16 unreleased songs and guest spots from Freeway, Jannyce, and Rampage. Check out the track list below, and grab Redemption of the Beast when it hits iTunes on January 13.

DMX, Redemption of the Beast track list:

1. “Spit That Shit”
2. “Built Like a Bitch”
3. “On and On”
4. “Get Up and Try Again”
5. “Solid (feat. Rampage)”
6. “I’m Gonna Win”
7. “It’s a Problem”
8. “It’s Goin’ Down”
9. “Shout It”
10. “One More Night”
11. “56 Bars”
12. “Where You Been (feat. Freeway)”
13. “Right or Wrong (feat. Jannyce)”
14. “Gonna Get Mine”
15. “We Gonna Make It”
16. “Love That Bitch (feat. Jannyce)”