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Sleater-Kinney Answer Questions About Their Reunion and Cookie Preferences in Reddit AMA

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Celebrated punk trio Sleater-Kinney hit up Reddit on Tuesday afternoon for an Ask Me Anything session, during which they discussed their reunion and new album, No Cities to Love; why they don’t have a bass player; and whether or not Janet Weiss has actually gone her whole life without drinking a carbonated beverage.  

One topic redditors, naturally, had a lot of questions about was the group’s reunion after eight years apart. “It felt like we still had a story to tell,” wrote Weiss, who gave lengthy answers to the first several questions. “We felt compelled to explore how to tell that story.” (But in another question, Carrie Brownstein played along with a redditor’s joking theory that the reuinion was “a blatant attempt to catch Trey Anastasio’s eye and finally fulfill Carrie’s dream of opening for Phish”). 

However, the three musicians are unsure of what’s in store for Sleater-Kinney after this album and tour are done. “We are definitely living in the moment and enjoying being together making music again,” Weiss wrote in response to another question. “We all have other projects as well and realize our time in the band is valuable. Not taking SK for granted, and making this album as good as possible works for us this time around. So no plans for the distant future – we’ll make the next few months as amazing as they can possibly be!”

They also revealed some of their plans for their upcoming tour, explaining that they’ve been practicing songs from every album in addition to the new material, but probably won’t perform any rarities. “Those might have been weeded out years ago for a reason!” Weiss futher announced that she is “the setlist guru of the band.” 

Other questions were about their scorching signature sound, as Weiss, the band’s drummer explained why Sleater-Kinney doesn’t have a bass player. “I don’t really love low end. That big bass sound that hits you in your gut is unpleasant! Not having a bass allows for the drums to occupy an interesting space in the music, which I really love. Also,” she added, “bass players often make those funny faces.”

Of course, this being a Reddit AMA, there were some funny questions and answers as well. “I heard that you have never had a carbonated beverage,” one redditor asked Weiss, “how is such a thing even possible?”

“The carbonated beverage rumor is not completely true,” she wrote back. “I don’t drink soft drinks but do enjoy a nice glass of champagne on occasion.” Another redditor asked what their favorite type of cookie was. Weiss said chocolate chip, and hinted that they wanted cookies on tour, thus almost certainly ensuring that people in the front row of their concerts will oblige. 

Still another fan asked what in retrospect was probably the most predictable question: “will there be a Portlandia skit where Fred [Armisen] and Carrie go to a sleater Kinney show?”

“Unlikely,” answered Brownstein. “But Fred offered to be our roadie IRL.” Read the band’s entire AMA thread here