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Watch Beyonce’s Incredibly Fun Video for ‘7/11’

Beyonce Die With You New Song Tidal
Beyonce live at a Stevie Wonder tribute in 2015

Beyoncé’s trappy “7/11,” one of two bonus tracks to leak this morning off her upcoming box set reissue of her self-titled album, was unlikely to endure as one of the more beloved tracks in the Queen’s ouevre fun enough, but kind of slight and formless, and definitely lacking in hooks by Bey standards. However, now “7/11” has a video, and the clip alone may be enough to keep the song as an essential part of the Beyography.

The vid shows Beyoncé and various compatriots traipsing around her hotel room, getting silly on the balcony and in the lobby, while Bey wears a wide variety of sweaters and a wider variety of undies. It’s an incredibly fun, fast-moving video, and needless to say, Ms. Carter strikes quite the figure bouncing, sashaying and twerking. (Using her foot as a phone at one point, too.) It’s gonna be a thing, for sure.

Watch below, and hope this is the first look at another Beyoncé video album. Mini-album, at the least.