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Stream William Orbit’s Super-Synthy Remix of Queen’s ‘Let Me In Your Heart Again’


The phrases “Queen” and “synth” might not typically go hand-in-hand, but Coca-Cola and (RED) have invited producer William Orbit to throw a shiny, synthy sheen over a previously unreleased ballad by the band titled “Let Me In Your Heart Again.” Taken from the Freddie Mercury-led project’s 1984 sessions for The Works, the unfinished Queen cut is now being released as part of an AIDS Awareness project led by the aforementioned companies. 

And what a fine job Orbit does. Layered on top of Mercury’s jubilant vocals is a series of slick, mega-melodic electronics that complement the stadium-rock act’s trademark predeliction for champion-making pop.

Hear “Let Me In Your Heart Again” above in a video that includes vintage Queen concert clips, and check out the original version on the band’s forthcoming compilation album, Queen Forever, which drops November 11.