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The Dead Milkmen Swear ‘Ronald Reagan Killed The Black Dahlia’ in New Video

Stop-motion clip supports punk stalwarts' 'Pretty Music for Pretty People' LP

When the Dead Milkmen first emerged in the mid-’80s, they stood apart from the rest of the punk-rock pack with their own particular brand of satirical IDGAF (not to mention distinct Philadelphia accents). Now, 30 years later, they’re carrying on their legacy with a new video from their most recent release, in which, as the track’s title suggests, “Ronald Reagan Killed The Black Dahlia.”

The clip — put together by Uncle Dad Productions — is a pastiche-y, animated comic that follows infamous anti-communist New York City attorney Roy Cohn phoning up “The Gipper” to do some dirty work. (And when we say “dirty work,” we mean “kill the Black Dahlia,” a.k.a. Los Angeles’ most infamous unsolved crime). It’s a parodic retelling of United States history that could even pop up in the dorm room of crackpot college conspiracists, but it’s amusing to see that the immutably impudent jokers have retained their odd sense of humor.

Watch the video — which comes in support of the Dead Milkmen’s recently released Pretty Music for Pretty People LP — above.