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Wiz Khalifa and John Cena Made Noisy Wrestling Music Together

wiz khalifa, john cena, wwe:2k15, all day, breaks

Wiz Khalifa and 15-time world champion WWE wrestler John Cena joined forces to curate the soundtrack for the upcoming WWE:2K15 video game, and the two new songs the pair released really do make you feel like you’re being body slammed into oblivion. So, success!

The new tracks, “All Day” (above) and “Breaks” (below), are awfully noisy, and Cena is kind enough to rap on both of them. They’re not particularly pleasant listening experiences, but they’re a pretty solid fit for a wildly popular video game’s soundtrack. On Twitter, Cena hinted at future soundtrack contributions from B.o.B., Nas, and Future.

The game comes out on October 3 or November 18, depending on the console, but the soundtrack drops October 21. SPIN itself is no stranger to video game soundtrack curation: we put together the Major League Baseball 2K12 tracklist a couple years ago.