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Kylie Minogue Covers Flight Facilities’ ‘Crave You’ in Bizarre Promo Video

Kylie Minogue, Flight Faciilities, Crave You

It helps to know people who know people, and Australian dance duo Flight Facilities apparently have a huge ace-in-the-hole connection with fellow countrywoman (and international pop star) Kylie Minogue. The legendary singer is apparently enough of a fan of the Facilities to record this odd duck of a promo video for them, in which Minogue belts out an a cappella version of the pair’s likely best-known song, the previously Giselle Roselli-sung “Crave You,” while alone in a deserted-looking apartment, wearing little but a ripped t-shirt.

The questions abound: How did the underground favorites get Minogue? Whose apartment is this supposed to be? Why does this look like it’s being played off a VHS from 1987? And really, the only question of any importance — when does the duo’s debut album, anticipated since they first released “Crave” nearly half a decade ago, finally come out?

The answer to that one is October 28, by the way, and the announced track list has a minute-long “Crave You” reprise that also might somewhat explain the existence of this clip. Watch the bizarre video above, and check out the original “Crave You” below.