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Kiesza’s ‘No Enemiesz’ Video Suggests Her Clothes Are Alive, Good at Dancing

kiesza, no enemiesz, video, dancing clothes

Kiesza’s video for her very good but ridiculously spelled song, “No Enemiesz,” starts off pretty innocuously. The Sound of a Woman singer returns home to an absurdly spacious loft and starts to dance. Then she takes off her jacket and poof! — it turns into a human and starts dancing with her! As the video progresses, Kiesza gains more and more dance partners as she disrobes.

Kiesza and her clothes are all very good, but we’re nonetheless left with a few questions. Is this all in her head or is this a Beauty and the Beast type thing where objects are alive? Were they once human — now made to be Kiesza’s clothes because of some curse, only able to return to their human form for brief moments to dance? What made them this way, and do they miss being human instead of cloth? Did they leave familes behind? Do they dream?