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Willow Smith Whips Up a Great Cover of King Krule’s ‘Easy Easy’

Willow Smith "Easy Easy" King Krule cover

To start off, let us remind you that Willow Smith is 13. And while her dad is busy dancing on a Segway at Burning Man, the young actress/singer/whatever-else-she-feels-like-doing was apparently refining her musical chops and whipping up a cover of (wait for it) King Krule’s “Easy Easy.” She replaces the not-much-older Briton’s accented baritone with her light, Lorde-like vocals on the track, which originally hails from Krule’s 2013 debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the MoonPerhaps we should’ve seen something like this coming, considering Willow previously sampled Radiohead on “Sugar and Spice.” Still, it comes as an incredibly pleasant surprise. Enjoy it below.