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La Roux Stars in a Late Night TV Commercial in Her ‘Kiss and Not Tell’ Video

La Roux Trouble in Paradise Kiss And Not Tell Video

Collectors of old telephones and fans of late night television will both find something to like in La Roux’s video for “Kiss and Not Tell.” Two months after the release of Trouble in Paradise, her second collection of saccharine synth-pop under that name, Elly Jackson has shared a cheery visual for that record’s anxious, yet playful standout. The “Bulletproof” singer stars in a an ’80s-indebted advertisement that trumpets the lyrics of the song, while each synthesizer jitter is paired with a ringing telephone of a different variety. Watch the video above, but be advised: if you’re tempted to call that U.K. number, the fine print notes that “International Long Distance Rates apply.” Starting next week La Roux launches into another tour in support of Trouble in Paradise, and you can catch the full dates over at her website.