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Danny Brown Has Infinite Solo Cups in His ‘Smokin & Drinkin’ Video

danny brown smokin and drinkin video

There ain’t no party like a Danny Brown party because a Danny Brown party features smoke rings, Solo cups, and neon-painted eyebrows. At least, that’s what Detroit the rapper would have you believe based on his new “Smokin & Drinkin” video. The clip finds our hero navigating a massive party filled with beautiful women and liquor bottles at every turn. It isn’t the most original visual treatment on earth, but Brown’s endearingly toothy smile can’t help but make you want to join in on the fun. The A-Trak and JMIKE-produced track comes from Brown’s Old, released last October, and the “Smokin” video is directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, who previously worked with Blood Orange on his “Time Will Tell” video and Solange for “Losing You.” Watch Brown’s video above.