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Beyonce Gets Caught ‘Lip-Synching’ in Paris

Why didn't someone roll up the partition to block this?

Beyoncé and Jay Z wrapped up their über-popular “On the Run” tour in Paris this weekend with two final shows taped for HBO. That considered, we hope the network’s cameras missed what one eager fan’s smartphone caught at the first gig. During a performance of “Partition,” Bey strolled around the stage seemingly in flawless command of her vocals and choreography, but as she began to sing the second sentence of the verse, things got weird.

“Private show when we get this nasty,” is what came out of the speaker system, but looking carefully at Mrs. Carter’s mouth reveals something else. She garbles a string of words before giving up entirely, reaching her hand down to fans in the pit as the vocals keep going. Often what happens in these cases is that singers use backing vocals, especially at stadium shows, to keep things on track for a labor-intensive two-hour show.

Of course, detractors are going to insinuate that she lip-synched, and in this particular moment that definitely looks like the case, but what does Bey have to do at this point to prove to you that she can sing? Remember when she took reporters to church at a press conference during which she sang the heck out of the National Anthem? You might not have to bow down, but you will believe. Check out the lip-synching incident below.