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See Kendall and Kylie ‘Recognize’ Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Music for Some Reason

PARTYNEXTDOOR Drake Recognize Video OVO

In PARTYNEXTDOOR’s single “Recognize,” the Canadian singer teams with his OVO label boss Drake to tell their baes, basically, in less PG terms, “I got my girl friends, you got your guy friends, and that’s cool, but I recognize that you’re the one for me.” But in the track’s new video, it’s not just ladies that these fellas have — they’ve a pretty sweet clubhouse too. From the looks of it, the OVO digs are pretty sweet, stocked with arcade games, pool tables, and a basketball court in the back. Meanwhile Kylie and Kendall Jenner cruise the streets of Los Angeles, listening to the song in their car because, you know, it’s a good song and they like this kind of music. Or something like that. There’s a boat too where PARTYNEXTDOOR chills out with some models and maybe stripper. Really, none of it makes any linear sense (why should it?) but you can use your imagination to fill in the narrative gaps. Watch the clip above.

The track’s off PARTYNEXTDOOR’s PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO album that dropped last month, which we helped you stream early (you’re welcome).