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Guy Fakes Way Into Every Major Festival, Makes Awesome Movie About It


How does someone sneak into every major festival, join Mumford & Sons on tour as their personal photographer, and get his documentary aired on MTV? From the looks of the trailer for Marcus Haney’s No Cameras Allowed … the guy just went for it.

After screening at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles last month, Haney’s film is now getting a premiere on MTV August 29 at 10 p.m. PT/ET. Viewers will witness his journey, which primarily revolves around sneaking into more than 50 music festivals and events here and abroad, as Consequence of Sound reports, including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Ultra, Glastonbury, and, yup, the Grammys.

In all, Haney hitchhiked America, created fake wristbands, jumped fences, and sneaked past security to gain access to music’s biggest parties. He found some love along the way, making friends with Mumford & Sons (whom he and his camera joined on tour) and the Naked and Famous, who offered their songs for his film. (No word whether his camera was involved in that Mumfords strip club incident last year.)

As he told Noisey, his conscience is clean about crashing the festivals into these events. “The first thing I think about,” he sais, “is I’m not hurting anyone. But am I stealing anything? Am I stealing a ticket or opportunity for Coachella to make money? Well no, Coachella is sold out. And then I start to think. Is there any way I’m able to twist this and make it feel like I’m helping the situation?”

He goes on to say the film is less about him gaming the system to gain VIP access, and more “a coming of age story set in a music world.” He said, “It’s a love letter written to these festivals, in a way. And it shows them in such a great light that my goal is that people will see my film and then go and experience live music on their own. There’s no way you can translate the live music experience on to film.”