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Michael Cera Made an Album and You Can Hear It

Michael Cera New Music Album True That

Last night, Jonah Hill broke the news to the world (via Twitter) that Superbad actor Michael Cera had just released an album of original music on Bandcamp.

According to the actor’s bio on the page, “Michael Cera was born in Canada in 1988 at the tender age of zero,” but beyond that information, nothing is available to prove that True That is truly his project. Still, what vocals do bless the mostly instrumental set sound identical to those of the Scott Pilgrim actor. The album is a pretty charming collection of folky, often experimental songs with some jangling keyboard work and a cover of Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons.” 

Cera previously spent time playing music with Mr. Heavenly, a Sub Pop band that also featured Nick Thorburn from Islands and singer Honus Honus from Man Man. Stream the actor’s new project below.