Marketa Irglova Lets Nature Take Over in ‘The Leading Bird’ Video

Marketa Irglova Muna The Leading Bird Premiere
(Photo by Photo courtesy of Anti-Records)

Oscar-winning Czech singer-songwriter Markéta Irglová has returned from a year-long recording stint in Iceland with “The Leading Bird” in hand. Heard (and seen) above, the tersely beautiful song is the first single off of the former Swell Season co-founder’s upcoming second solo album, Muna, out September 23 via Anti- Records.

“I am inspired by the open space, the wilderness of the nature, the strong energy coming from the land,” Irglová said of Iceland’s influence on her new music. “There is a harmony, a balance, something that allows for a freer flow of creativity. It is easier to be one with oneself and one with everything and everyone around.”

“The Leading Bird” reflects that sense of balance with a lilting piano leading Irglová’s folky, layered vocals along a clean, crisp harmony. The video picks up on the same themes, with its dancing protagonist sweeping about through a home dripping with rainwater, and later splashing about in a wading pool in perfect sync with the string-laden song. Watch the full video above and look out for Muna later next month.


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