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Johnny Marr Hits the Casino for ‘Easy Money’ Video

Johnny Marr 'Easy Money' Video 'Playland'

As we previously noted, Johnny Marr doesn’t look like he’s having all that great a time on the cover to his second solo album, Playland. Well, it turns out the former Smiths guitarist can’t even have fun during a day out at the casino either, though he has perfectly a good reason. Accordin to Pitchfork, which premiered the video, it’s “a ‘high times in low rent England’ kind of thing” while the track “is more of a ‘low times in high rent England’ kind of thing.” Get it? There’s also shots of him sitting, unhappily, with photos of Prime Minister David Cameron and the Queen. As you might recall, Marr once said that the Smiths would reunite if Cameron, a big fan of the band, would resign. As for the Queen, you’ll definitely recall that the Smiths once sang about her being dead. While those momentous events have yet to happen, we at least can take comfort knowing that Marr’s Playland will be out October 7 on Warner.