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Black Lips Accuse Gene Simmons of Misogyny, Demand KISS Army Surrender

Gene Simmons Black Lips Livestream Misogynistic

Gene Simmons stopped by HuffPost Live for a video interview yesterday, where he got an unexpected call from Black Lips, who accused the KISS singer of being a musical mysogynist. The Atlanta flower-punks, who earlier this year spoofed Kanye West’s “Bound 2” video, donned facepaint for their video message, and snarled their challenge as a somewhat stunned Simmons looked on.

“Mr. Simmons, we’re here to tell you that the day of misogynistic, sexist rock and roll is over!” drummer Joe Bradley screams around the 31:34 minute-mark above while Cole Alexander and Jared Swilley nod in solidarity. “We call for the complete and utter surrender of the Kiss Army. Lay down your guitars! Do you accept our terms of surrender?” as a somewhat stunned Simmons looked on.

“Yes, I surrender entirely,” the rocker responded with a smirk, before questioning the attention grabbing band’s motives. “They’re not black,” he told the host, adding, “What are they? Racist?” Simmons, a prolific Tweeter who doesn’t mind talking back to his haters, also lobbed a sick “your mom” joke at the boys.

Eleswhere in the interview, Simmons made some politically incorrect comments about immigrants who haven’t yet mastered the language of the land. “You don’t want to upset anybody by saying, ‘Learn to speak goddamn English,'” he told the interviewer. “So, as an immigrant, I’m telling you: learn to speak goddamn English.” Being Gene Simmons, he said a lot of other Gene Simmons-y things too.

Watch the Black Lips incident above, and below stream Simmons’ comments on immigrants while thinking about the fact that he recently announced he’d been considered for the role of the clown in Stephen King’s It. In other clown-rock news, the KISS singer’s bandmate, Ace Frehley, will sit in with the Roots on The Tonight Show Tuesday this evening to premiere his new song “The Joker” from an album he’s chosen to call Space Invader