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Foo Fighters Spoof ‘Carrie’ for Best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Yet

Foo Fighters ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video Carrie Spoof

Several alt-rockers, including Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready, have already taken part in the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge, but few clips have been as inspired as the one that Dave Grohl posted today to the Foo Fighters’ Facebook page. After he nominates Stephen King, Jack Black, and John Travolta to take part in the charity challenge after him, the camera pans back to reveal that Grohl is wearing a prom dress and his date is none other than drummer Taylor Hawkins. The video is inspired by King’s high-school horror film Carrie, but instead of pig blood, Grohl is simply doused in very cold water. And instead of killing all of his peers using telekinetic powers, he spreads joy, laughter, and awareness of a poorly understood degenerative disease to those who might watch the clip. It’s all quite silly and heartwarming and, hey, it features Dave Grohl in a prom dress. Watch it above as you wait for the Foos’ forthcoming eighth studio album Sonic Highways.