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Eminem, Sia, and Denzel Washington’s Worlds Collide in ‘The Equalizer’ Trailer

Eminem, Sia, Denzel Washington 'The Equalizer' Trailer

Finally. Listen carefully to the background track in the just-released trailer for Denzel Washington’s upcoming The Equalizer, and you’ll probably recognize two very familiar voices reigning over all that violently meted-out justice: indeed, it’s Eminem and Sia, soundtracking the baddest of badasses’ sweet moves on the soundtrack-exclusive single rightly dubbed “Guts Over Fear.”

Em, currently in the middle of his “Monster” co-headlining tour with Rihanna, previously teamed with Sia on The Marshall Mathers LP2 track “Beautiful Pain.” We can only assume the pair possess an appreciation for “The Denzel” commensurate with Maynard Jame Keenan’s obsession, and that they’ve donated this song as a sort of tithe in his honor.

Though it’s hard to catch more than snippets of the “Guts Over Fear” lyrics, it sounds like Sia has a predictably epic chorus (“Afraid to make a single sound,” she sings) and Em gets in a couple of bars about filling up stadiums before breaking into that trademark sing-song voice he does so well. The Equalizer will be released on September 26, but hopefully either this song’s guts will spill long before that.