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Cee Lo Green and Megadeth Cancel Israel Shows

Cee-Lo Megadeth Cancel Israel Shows

Cee Lo Green and Megadeth have both cancelled upcoming concerts in Tel Aviv, Israel, due to the ongoing political crisis, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Just last month Neil Young was forced to cancel his first appearance in the country in two decades, but the conflicts have yet to improve enough to make local promoters feel comfortable with throwing shows in the vicinity.

“The artist and his crew really wanted to come, but unfortunately we were the ones who had to postpone it because this is not the right time to advertise and push a concert,” said Carmi D. Wurtman of Green. The promoter notes that an Israeli Defense Forces restriction of public gatherings to 1,000 people or less played a role in the cancellation as well.

Meanwhile, thrash-metal icons Megadeth were set for a show on August 6 at Tel Aviv’s convention center, but they’ve also been forced to cancel because they were unable “to confirm the guaranteed passage of the band and their gear into Tel Aviv in time for the show.”

Wurtman hopes to reschedule the ex-Goodie Mobster’s show for October or November, and Megadeth hope to head back to Israel “on their next international tour.”