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Caribou’s House-Powered ‘Our Love’ Pulsates With Energy

Caribou New Single Our Love

Caribou has a knack for making pulsating, instantly gripping electronic music with dizzying falsetto vocals to back up the beats. Thankfully, the Canadian producer’s new single, “Our Love,” proves no exception. It’s light on lyrics, happy to stick with just the titlular phrase across its ambling six-minute span, but the music itself speaks plenty, plumbing blippy synthesized depths not unlike the last Caribou share, “Can’t Do Without You.” 

Earlier this year under the moniker Daphni, Snaith released “Julia” and “Tiberius,” two string-heavy instrumentals in collaboration with Owen Pallett. Reunited again with his Caribou ID (for the first time since 2010’s excellently ebullient Swim), the man drops Our Love on October 7 via Merge.