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Man Who Allegedly Bit Off a Fingertip at Jay Z Show Pleads Not Guilty

Roberto Garnica faces up to eight years in prison if convicted

Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica, the 25-year-old San Diego man who was arrested at Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Pasadena show last weekend for allegedly biting off another man’s fingertip, has pleaded not guilty to charges of mayhem, battery, and battery with serious bodily injury. According to the Associated Press, Garnica faces up to eight years in California state prison if he’s convicted. Los Angeles County prosecutors say that Garnica was taken into custody outside the Rose Bowl in L.A. last weekend because he groped a woman, pushed her into some chairs, and got into a fight with her husband. During the altercation, he allegedly punched the man and bit off the tip of the man’s left index finger. 

All of this went down during Bey and Jay’s “On the Run” tour, which ends its U.S. leg tonight with a second show in San Francisco and will relaunch next month with two shows in Paris. Despite the finger-biting drama, speculation about the couple’s marital issues, and rumors of low ticket sales, Billboard reports that the tour will apparently gross over $100 million in ticket sales.