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Arcade Fire Do the Ice Bucket Challenge Because of Les Claypool

Arcade Fire Richard Reed Parry Ice Bucket Challenge ALS

After raising over $50 million and clogging up your Facebook feed, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is still a thing that people are doing. We’ve seen dozens of musicians do it with vary degrees of success and hilarity, but it seems many are still getting hip to the viral charity fad. Just this week, Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry got doused by bandmate Will Butler as they walked offstage following a gig in Bangor, Maine. The multi-instrumentalist was called out by none other than Primus’ Les Claypool, who also challenged Rush’s Geddy Lee and the Police’s Stewart Copeland. Claypool himself got soaked while wearing a pig mask and playing an upright bass, because of course. Unfortunately, Parry didn’t follow through on the second half of the challenge, in which he’s supposed to nominate others to get iced or donate to ALS research, meaning we’ll have to wait until we see Win Butler smear up his Reflektor make-up. Bummer.