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A Grim Basketball Game Sets the Scene for Mystery Skulls’ ‘Paralyzed’ Video

Mystery Skulls

A team of Grim Reapers take their talents to the basketball court in a hilariously bizarre new music video for Mystery Skulls‘ pulsing synth-pop track “Paralyzed.” In the Bo Mirosseni-directed short, the cloaked and hooded figures (who all wear gold high-top sneakers) show off their skills, from trick dribbling to dunking so hard the rim catches fire.

This isn’t the first time Mystery Skulls, the artist name for Luis Dubuc, has referenced the occult in one of his music videos: The equally awesome homage to The Exorcist for “Ghosts” features an incompetent priest whose dance moves prove far better than his ability to actually banish demons.

Details are scarce about Mystery Skull’s debut album, which will arrive this fall via Warner Bros. Records, but today “Paralyzed” is re-released as a single. (He previously put out a different music video for the song in 2012.) Check out the new “Paralyzed” clip above.