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ICP’s Violent J Fawns Over Kreayshawn in Lewd Dis Video

Insane Clown Posse Kreayshawn Video

UPDATE: Kreayshawn has responded with a simple, unassailable retort. The supposed beef between her and Insane Clown Posse began when she didn’t show up to make a music video for their collaborative track, “When I’m Clownin.” Now, since Violent J made this a public matter, her response.  “When they reached out to do the video, I was seven months pregnant. That’s why I couldn’t be in the video — I was with child.”

It’s the first day of the Gathering of the Juggalos, and the Insane Clown Posse-related news keeps rolling in. Earlier today we reported on the developments in ICP’s ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit (Spoiler: Kid Rock needs to appear in court, glass dildo in hand), and now the duo has taken our heads clean off once again with a video raunchily devoted to blunt-smoking baby mama Kreayshawn.

The clip is equal parts rude dis and (further) sexual harassment, though hammily handled with ICP aplomb. Violent J professes his love for Kreayshawn and questions her sexuality in the same breath. At a romantic dinner, he pours Faygo into a champagne glass. Backed by a doo-wop group, he croons “my peeeeeeeenisssss.” He wears a bathrobe and a towel around his head while making lewd “Gucci Gucci” rhymes.

Truth be told, only one member of the metal-rap pair is to blame for “The Kreayshawn Song.” As a Juggalo explains at the beginning of the clip, Shaggy 2 Dope “refused to participate in this abomination” (hence the in-the-studio warning from Shaggy that follows). However, Violent J’s wife, Sugar Slam, had no qualms with performing in this ode to Kreay, as she appears as the middle backup singer in J’s entourage.  

Here’s the backstory: Kreayshawn delivered a guest verse on a bonus version of “When I’m Clownin” in 2012, and after that, “Violent J fell in love with her — for about a week.” Then, the Los Angeles rhymer allegedly blew off the video shoot in 2013, so they replaced her with Danny Brown and, ultimately, released this gem. It seems the video’s subject is currently having trouble accessing the Internet. Probably for the better: