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Watch Conor Oberst’s Touching, Affectionate ‘You Are Your Mother’s Child’ Video

Conor Oberst You Are Your Mothers Child video

Now that Conor Oberst has been able to put his recent personal and legal drama to bed, the former SPIN cover star is back to his previous mode of generously sharing all things sentimental and heartrending. A new clip for Upside Down Mountain‘s “You Are Your Mother’s Child” lives up to the tearjerking expectation that the Nebraska-born folkie has built for himself over his two-decade career.

Unlike the dystopian drama of “Zigzagging Towards the Light,” this new visual offers weepy masked figures and cute kids (one of which spends the video in an improvised astronaut suit) as a means of echoing the track’s meditation on aging. It’s a pretty potent visual, even if it is relatively inscrutable at times. ?Watch it above, via Rolling Stone.