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Nicolas Jaar Offers ‘Consolation’ for Chile’s World Cup Loss

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New York electronic producer Nicolas Jaar claims is Chilean by descent, and by the looks of things he was pretty excited for his national team’s World Cup match against Brazil. He tweeted Saturday that if Chile’s team won that he would release a new track, as Pitchfork points out.. Hours later, after Chile lost in heartbreaking fashion, Jaar decided to share that new cut, a remix of a Hellen Hollins Singers’ called “Consolation” anyway.

Though he’s spent the majority of his time lately on tour with Darkside, his collaboration with guitarist Dave Harrington, this remix is a typically cosmic affair for Jaar. He warps and rends the original’s soulful vocals into a sort of sci-fi gospel groove that’s as slippery and clean cut as it is catchy. It’s a shame that Jaar’s own headspace didn’t match the celebratory nature of the cut, but the uplifting mood could offer other Chilean fans a little of what the title promises: consolation.