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Yoko Ono Unveils Plans to Licence John Lennon’s Legacy

John Lennon Yoko Ono Licenses Global Agent Epic Rights

Surely, we’ll never get over John Lennon. Whether it’s news of a deaf woman hearing his “Imagine” as the first listening experience of her entire life, or a continued infatuation over the Beatles’ split that has us listening to the visionary songwriter and wife Yoko Ono speaking on the subject 40 years later … well, as far as ongoing cultural significance the guy maybe wasn’t so far off when he compared himself to Jesus. 

And just as Mr. Christ continues to indirectly rake in the cash, so too will Mr. Lennon. Ono has now entered into a new contract for global branding and rights management with Epic Rights — the new global licensing agent for her late husband’s legacy. Some of the company’s other clients include KISS, Aerosmith, Woodstock, Jefferson Airplane, Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard, Billy Idol, and others. According to a press release, Epic Rights has been tasked with developing an innovative global branding and licensing initiative to encompass Lennon’s career and creativity.

That will result in two new programs: The “John Lennon Classic” brand will focus on products featuring the rock legend’s name, likeness, and signature; and the “Bag One Arts” brand will include content based on Lennon’s drawings from rare archival sketches. Among those drawings is Lennon’s iconic self-portrait. The company will introduce its new Lennon programs to potential partners at this week’s Licensing Expo (yes, that’s a thing) in Las Vegas.

“Regardless of how we have experienced John Lennon — through his music, his art, his writings — he was defined by the message of love and peace, becoming an icon for generations worldwide,” said Ono in a statement. “I regard the John Lennon Classic and Bag One Arts licensing programs as another way to honor John’s legacy, and I am confident that by working closely with [Epic Rights CEO] Dell [Furano and [his] team, we will achieve this goal.”

According to the press release, Ono will have personal approval of all licensed Lennon products.

“We are committed to developing a worldwide licensing program that respects Lennon’s beliefs and contributions to humanity, and anticipate strong global consumer demand from existing and new fans who want to connect with John Lennon and his legacy,” said Furano in a statement.