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Hundred Waters Deconstruct the Best Tree House in ‘Murmurs’ Video

Hundred Waters, "Murmurs," 'The Moon Rang Like a Bell'

“Yesterday was your birthday,” Nicole Miglis sings at a moment of clarity in “Murmurs,” the new single from Hundred Waters’ The Moon Rang Like a Bell. Then, mysteriously: “Happy birthday.” The Florida quartet, which blends electronic and organic elements into an atmospheric, soulful sort of neo-folk music, is responsible for one of SPIN’s 50 Best Albums of 2014 So Far, and the video for this skittering, bird-like song could have gone all sorts of ways. If you had “Miglis stands in gorgeous, tree-enshrouded house as an army of construction workers surround her, and she dances with one of them, and then they encircle her with orange mesh, and then they leave and you don’t know what’s going on” in your office pool, well, you win. Also, as Miglis coos here, “I wish I could see what you see.”

Watch the dazzling, enigmatic clip — directed by BANGS co-founder Allie Avital Tsypin — above (via Dazed).