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Watch People Get Ready’s Transfixing, Exuberant ‘Physiques’ Video

People Get Ready Physiques Video Album

On June 24, New York City’s People Get Ready release their second album, Physiques, and it may very well be excellent enough to rival the group’s live presence. That’s no slight. In fact, it should come across as high praise to any who’ve witnessed this band/performance art ensemble do their thing in person. (It involves dance, props, projections, homemade instruments, auxillary members, etc.) For the rest of us, though, the above video for the Brassland LP’s titular track should make for an apt introduction.

The “Physiques” clip finds singer Steven Reker front and center, feet fixed to the ground while the rest of his body does wild things in time with People Get Ready’s equally lithe art-pop. The background keep changing and so do his bandmates’ activities. It’s the kind of thing you watch twice (maybe thrice) in order to catch all of the nuances. Reker’s done scoring and choreography for Miranda July, plus spent time as a member of David Byrne’s touring outfit. In other words, fun as the song and accompanying visual may be, this ain’t no foolin’ around.